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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  November 8, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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of just how anxious people are at home about loved ones in the philippines. >> we did. san francisco city government reached out to offered a to the philippines. >> reporter: local agencies such as this one are fielding calls and organizing relief efforts. that san francisco philippino community is concerned about their families. >> this is one of the strongest to hit the philippines, if not the world. >> super typhoon haiyan cut off telephone and phone and internet service. >> the deputy counsel general in sfrn is putting -- san francisco is putting out a hotline number. >> we're still praying the loss
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of lives will be down to a minimum. >> the category 5 came just after a few weeks after an earthquake devastated the whole area. >> since the super typhoon happened we've been getting a lot of calls, is the campaign still going on. >> reporter: local groups say the best way to help is to send money, not food water or clothing because those will take too long to get to the effected areas. a philippines benefit is set in il parada restaurant. for now reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and if you want to help in the recovery efforts, can you find information on our web site at under hot topics. >> it's made its way across the philippines but still a major
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threat tonight. >> and bill is tracking that typhoon where is it heading? >> towards southeast asia into the ocean out there and it's going to warm up a little bit. it could strengthen. last night, it was still a super typhoon. the cloud cover on this typhoon extended from florida to canada. how about wind speeds a as this system came on shore t had sustained winds at 195 miles an hour. that is massive. that is basically a strong category 5 hurricane. typhoons, hurricanes, cyclones, all the same thing. wind gusts, 235 miles an hour. here's what it looked like into the philippines and into the ocean heading towards asia.
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as it moves west of the philippines, it stays to a 2. the thing that's shock suggest ing is this is huge. category 5 hurricane and we're hearing very little about what's happening on the ground. it's kind of scary. i'm not so sure something that huge can not make devastating damage. we'll have more as the news continues. wild pigs on the loose and this is video you will see on only on 2. those pigs created quite a scene in san ramon scaring both people and their pets. they also chewed up the lawns and gardens of homes and caused a lot of damage. it's a story we first broke at noon on lindhurst estates with
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who the home owners called to take care of the problem. >> they did call for help. the problems start right now from desk to dawn. that's when wild pigs will come out of the open space and at a joining neighborhoods. >> three pigs broke into this gaited norris canyon estates backyard. >> residents say the pigs, all pregnant saws threatened pets. >> this used to have been a very nice, well done yard, but we had three pig attacks. >> a state fish and wildlife warden is stressing a wild pig population forcing them into neighborhoods. >> the lawns are extremely wet
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and that's a huge source of food to pigs. >> they can't send the sufficient, they can't send anything. >> the homeowner's association had to get a certainly permit to kill the pigs. he shot the biggest big with a cross bow. the other two ran down the street but will be back likely. >> warden jacobson said to expect more of these with dry weather. >> was there a reason why they were killing those as opposed to trapping them? >> trappers -- the trappers is
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more dangerous. and is it more humane to compete against another family group? these are nonnative species. they have no natural predominate tory predators. in the south bay, it became legal to shoot wild pigs. the san jose city council passed an ordinance allowing state permitting of shootings. they've been ripping up lawns in months. the council will discuss a long term shooting law next year. in support of a classmate and friend, many of the high school students both boys and girls wore skirts today.
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it was an honor as 18-year-old sasha fleishman fell asleep on a bus and richard thomas used a lighter to set on fire. >> i feel like mayback is a school you can be who you are. i don't know why this was done but i feel like after it's really important for the school to come together. >> he remains hospitalized in san francisco with severe second and 3rd degree burns. >> a day of action is planned for tomorrow in honor of andy lopez who was shot and killed after holding a replica gun. he refused orders to drop the fake gun. demonstrators were planned in los angeles, oakland, and sacramento. >> police tell us they have not
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made an arrest in the race of a 19-year-old student attacked in a campus bathroom. we've been told she may have been targeted because she's a member of the lgbt community and could be considered a hate crime. they believe the attacker is a student and working with the government to increase of patrols we're told will continue. a man accused of kidnapping his two-week old son could soon be extra dieted. dited. he was arrested on wednesday after crossing the boarder into mexico. he has since been transferred to a jail in arizona. his two-week old baby was found safe. and george shirakawa was
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sentenced just minutes ago. he pled guilty to 7 misdemeanors in connection with misusing taxpayer money and campaign donations. about 15 years ago the judge sentenced him to a year in jail and ordered him to be taken into custody. now ktvu's robert handa just left the courtroom. and two people were taken to the hospital after their car was hit in san jose at north first street and sky port drive just after 9:00 this morning. so far, no details on the train. service was restored about 10:30. job report numbers were out today. the u.s. add ed 204,000 jobs last month and analysts were expecting only about 125,000, but the unemployment rose from 7.2% to 7.3. economists say that's because
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furloughed federal workers were counted as unemployed. the report us says employees added 60,000 more jobs in august and september than previous estimated. of the dow gained 167 points, and that pushed it to another record high close, that's the 3rd record we've seen in about a week. the nasdaq added 61 points. could new safety rules have slower service suiting up up, how a san francisco organization is helping out of work veterans prepare for the workforce. >> and an east bay church congregation spent two months, to upon help families, but months ago, thieves stole everything inside.
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new at 5:00, thanksgiving is 20 days away and a small east bay church is having to rush to replenish thanksgiving donations because thieves broke in and stole everything the church collected. that church says it will have to expand its security after criminals stole the food collected to help the less fortune. ktvu's paul chambers and you've learned how many families may not get a thanksgiving meal this year? >> reporter: they say they feed 60 families a full thanksgiving dinner every year with those donations, but they said last week, thieves came in and broke in through this fencing. there was also a lock on the storage unit, itself. they took everything inside which was enough to feed 20 families. >> why would you steal from a
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church? that's not right. >> now we have to hustle to get the donations up and we'll again ask the congregation on sunday, but we could really use help in replenishing what was taken. >> now this food is all the church has at the time to feed those families. they're asking to donate gift cards, cash and food, so they're asking for donations of nonperishable items. someone donated this box of goods and log on to our web site, and click on web links. ktvu channel 2 news, paul chambers. and on roselma place, the men followed another man home from a local casino. they then forced their way in at gun point and demanded the money he won.
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after an investigation that lasted several months, these men were identified as suspects. three of them were arrested in oakland and heshglys -- hercul herculies and one in antioch wednesday. and in the wake of the disappearance and death of a a patient at san francisco general hospital, we told you yesterday that a dispatcher has been transferred out of the hospital. at least six sheriff's employees, including a captain will be transferred into the hospital. these changes are a result of the in spalding case, the 57-year-old who was being treated at sf general. he body was found in a hospital stairwell 17 day 9 days after she went missing. and only half of the stairwells were checked in that search. and someone called to report a body, dispatch said we'll take
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care of it, but that didn't happen. four days later, the body was found. when policy change, that the sheriff office already implemented is any time a patient goes missing, a full search of the campus will be done. >> one suspect is in custody after a car crash in san lorenzo on interstate 880. alamed's county officials tell us the suspect was speeding on the wrong side of the freeway. the car was stolen nearby. and a 77-year-old many has been missing for two hours. edward moore was last seen about 4:30 yesterday afternoon. they say that moore takes medication for dementia and diabetes. he's 5 feet 7, weighs about 200 pounds, brown eyes, and gray hair.
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you're asked to contact hayward police. police are r looking for a nut thief who stole 140,000 pounds of walnuts on sunday from goal river orchard. they broke into the facility and took three large bins containing several truckloads of walnuts. their estimated value, nearly $400,000. no arrests have been made. and the state's christmas tree arrived at the state capital. it was cutdown near redding and delivered this morning on the back of a flatbed and it will be decorated next tuesday with 10,000 lights and 500 ornaments. >> and ahead of what we hope could be a white christmas, i'll take a rainy november. >> we are waiting for the rain. yesterday, the models have backed off on that rain. we have a shot in the five-day
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forecast. but not as aggressive rainfall as we were hoping for. it could all change. a long way to the forecast. here's how it looks outside. the jet stream is sliding down, looks like a big fire hose shooting clouds and moisture all up in this area north of us. we've got some fog offshore this morning you probably noticed that in the bay, bay bridge, san mateo bridge, poor visibilities today. temperatures in the 60s outside right now, so it's nice. i'll tell you it was another warm day. right on the forecast for temperatures. tomorrow, about the same, a little cooler if some places. just a mild bay area weekend. wind withes are picking up out of the west -- winds are picking up out of the west. you'll see some fog in and around the bay. and it was kind of dicey, sale was talking about this morning out on the bay bridge in the san mateo bridge, just the
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visibilities being a little lower. that starts out as a coastal fog as it meets that cool air. the forecast, 70 degrees for a daytime high. a lot like today. high pressure will set up that fog and that's what you need to form high pressure. it's not strong enough to below it offshore. you get some cooler air coming in out of the delta and you get this really poor dense visibility fog that we'll probably see around the bay. and there's a lot of folks moving around with poor visibilities in the morning. weekend slightly cooler. partly sunny, mostly sunny at times. 72 in antiochock. this is kind of up and down. we've know been in the 60s and 70s all week. so as we look at the five-day forecast, your bay area weekend
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in view, first thing is look at saturday. saturday's going to be great into the morning hours, a dry forecast for the weekend with the fog and then breezy on sunday. there's a lot going on in terms of activities on sunday and that's basically the football game at the stick. sunday at 1:00, 68 degrees. perfect football weather for that and the five-day forecast with this. hopefully that happens -- chance of rain into tuesday. it looks like a one shot deal, doesn't like maybe just a one shot deal. i'll be back with the later computer model at six. and how hundreds of millions of dollar are being given to state employees. and low and homeless veterans how it will help them get a job. >> and we're hearing from the parents of the student who was set on fire, and what they're
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doing. and the in furerating a attack against a helpless, homeless person, these stories new and more coming up at 6:00.
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furiating attach against a helpless, homeless person, these stories new and more coming up at 6:00. passengers and tsa agent stopped today to pay tribute to the 39-year-old shot and killed one week ago at lax by a gunman
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targeting the tsa. a public memorial will be held next tuesday in los angeles. and st. anthony is doing something to say thank you, and making veterans feel and look very good. it's society's way of giving us some love back for our service during the military time. >> they gave business suits to 50 homeless and low income veterans who are searching for work and also given tips on how to look and feel their best. volunteers treated the veterans with the dignity and respect they so deserve. >> we all know we feel better about ourselves when we look good and that's part of what we're doing here today. they received donations from nordstroms and agency. 23% of the 3,000 meals served
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every day at the free dining room are served to veterans. >> and an investigation reveals the state of paying thousands of state employees special bonuses that total more than $500 million. the associated press looked over five years of payroll records. workers at california prisons were among the biggest recipients. some get regular bonuses of $5,000 or more and others have a bachelor degrees or foreign language skills and some also get a bonus for riding a motorcycle. and shares dropped today more than 7% after the big debut yesterday. twitter closed at $41.65 a share this afternoon. volatile trading is common are in newly public stocks. and south bay supervisor sentenced. >> he's headed to jail.
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we'll show you why where he's headed behind bars is changing so much concern. >> and a change at the port of oakland. we'll have some people breathing easier. >> and billions paid out in state tax returns, out one operation stole millions of dollars from victims.
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a group of middle school students robbed at gun point at a local bus stop. it happened yesterday morning in antioch. in ktvu's john sasaki's suspects are children themselves. >> as the two brothers and sister waited for the bus on hillcrest avenue, yesterday they were robbed at gun point. the siblings, 1, 14, 12, 13, their months when they were at the bus stop, five teens approached them, showed a gun and demanded money. they handed over $20 which was all they had. the oldest victim knows the robbers and says they attend nearby deer valley high school. i talked with the principal and confirmed they are dealing with the situation. the victim's mother wants police
5:30 pm
and school officials to do more. she talked while concealing their identity. >> they were all polite about the situation and were sympathetic. this morning my daughter encountered the same individuals that showed her the gun yesterday on her track field a at school. >> the mother added her son had problems last year and just two weeks ago that robber threatened to shoot the victims. antioch police acknowledged have this police but wouldn't give us any details not even saying they're on the loose here. live, i'm john sasaki. and a former santa clara supervisor was sentenced to one year in jail. george sirakawa was sentenced for misuse of campaign funds.
5:31 pm
it was a pretty long hearing. >> actually today's sentencing hearing was supposed to be a fairly straight forward process, at least we thought it was going to be, but it wasn't. now the former santa clara county supervisor came to the courthouse this afternoon and at that time, he told me he planned to say something publicly soon but he didn't get the chance. after about three and a half hours of intense courtroom arguments, including a failed attempt by the defense to have cameras removed, the judge said in essence, his misuse of public funds and the trust warranted the maximum sentence of a plea deal and three years probation and he was taken to jail immediately. >> i think it's a very important case any time you have a government integrity case, we need to be thorough and that's under jeff's direction. and i think it was -- had its impact. >> he lied and stole to the
5:32 pm
public and he's been appropriately held responsible for those actions. >> reporter: now the next issue is where he will be jailed. it's up to the sheriff to decide if he will be taken to another facility or if he'll be too much of a burden on the staff here. tonight at 10:00, an exclusive look at where he's being held now and why it appears he will be taken to a jail in another county. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. and a former hayward police officer pled not guilt today of child abuse of lewd acts with a child facing 16 counts between 1998 sexual assaulting two girls when he worked as a teacher in livermore. he's also accused of intimidating a witness. a judge raised the bail to $3.6 million. he currently in custody at santa
5:33 pm
a rita jail. we've learned the identity of the pedestrian killed this morning on a san jose freeway. he was hit by two-car in the transition lines. he's been identified as 26-year-old catama of san jose. the chp says he was walking across the lanes when he was hit. the driver stayed at the scene and cooperated with investigators. >> and we also know the name of the man who died in the antioch police station. the victim is 31-year-old james dowdy. the impact ripped a roof off the front of the suv. it's just too early to tell if alcohol was a factor. and a prison inmate says the man accused of killing the federal investigator sandra coke bragged about her disappearance. one of the fellow inmates testified at his preliminary hearing. he said alana wrote a letter to him expressing pleasure how police have not solved the case after 48 hours. he reportedly wrote, quote, so
5:34 pm
far so good. it's after the first 48. police found coke can's body in vacaville back in august nearly a week after she was reported missing. and the port of oakland announced its steering them away in favor of shore power. live at the port, people who live downwind are saying finally. >> reporter: right, gasia. here's at the port of oakland, cargo ships burn dirty diesel fuel as they sit idol. ships will be run aring on electric shore power and that should mean good news to nearby residents suffering from health problems. >> margaret uses an inhaler for her asthma. >> my broom window faces 7th street. i don't open that window. your blinds get all sooty and
5:35 pm
your window ledges get all sooty. >> oakland officials say it's about to reduce tons of air pollution from the cargo ships thanks to shore power that replaces diesel fuel with electricity. >> now they'll be able to turn off those axillary engines, and reduce emissions. >> under state law, every port in california must use short power by january 1st and today oakland officials a announced the port is ready. >> it means a a lot of children are growing upper going to have less asma, that they're going to be healthier. >> in west oakland, doctors estimate about a quarter of its school age children suffer from asmaand a asma-- asthma and a 3rd of adults
5:36 pm
adults. >> the west oakland asmaco asthma coalition said it could take years before it's noticeable. >> and identity thieves are making a fortune filing fake tax returns. a government audit shows the irs paid out $3 billion in fraudulent refunds. the report says the irs is improving. the amount of fraudulent refund claims is actually down from the $5 billion paid out in 2010. that same treasury audit were sent to identity thieves here in northern california. the report found in 2011, identification thieves in solinas had the irs send 200
5:37 pm
returns to one address. they collected nearly $800,000. stopping eyeidentity theft is a priority. >> the harm it inflicts on innocent taxpayers is a problem we take seriously. the id thieves used taxpayer id numbers, used for people not eligible for social securities. better safety for workers could mean delays for bart passengers. the new plan that could mean problem it is for a system that some say is not living up to its reputation. >> you can't have service and claim to be a world class system. >> the changes, the possible delays, and what else it could mean for rides. >> plus, insurance covering mental illness, the move that could help patients seeking treatment. and the essential program that had people lining up in san jose.
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to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at
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and families waited in line to make the holidays a little brighter. registration for the thanksgiving food giveaway began this morning in san jose. people have been standing in line since yesterday. several people told us that the program is essential to give their families a real holiday feast. >> paying rent, paying the bills, it's like we live on
5:41 pm
whatever we get month by month until everything's paid and that's it. that's all we have. >> organizers say the giveaways coming up later this month and next month will help about 4,000 families with the giving and christmas food boxes and toys for the children. federal health officials today announced all insurance companies will be required to cover mental health and addiction problems the same as they cover physical illnesses. and previously only large group plans typically covered mental and behavioral health, says kathleen sabilas. >> i know how difficult it is for families. >> and the law mirrors medical and surgeon copays, taking effect next july. today, google's doodle, honors the inventor of the ink blood test on his birthday.
5:42 pm
google users can cycle through a series of ink plots invented by the swiss doctor. he was born 129 years ago today. the test was once frequently used by psychiatrists to diagnose mental illness, but was later discredited. and a chance of slower service, put into place to a bart slow down mainly. >> and san quentin inmates taking the stage into playing inspired by shakespeer. >> and i'll tell you what i mean right after the break about the weather. ♪
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at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack 100% more possible. join us at and thrive.
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are. >> and i'll tell you what i mean right after the break about the weather. could new safety rules reduce bart's 95% on time service or cut its day short? we're joined now from the bart station with some rider reaction. tom? >> reporter: well, bart's goal in negotiations was to keep service high and fares stable. >> now the simple abandon rule allows inspection crews to access the track as many as 85 times a year. the trains could whiz by and bart could maintain its complex schedules, but now a more
5:46 pm
complex system requires trains are slowed down from 20 miles an hour or stepped dead until inspections are made or be rerouted. >> it's going to have an impact quite possibly on service reliability, on our budget. as i said, maybe on hours of operation. >> reporter: opinions of riders we met were divided. >> i think they should shorten the hours and maybe reroute it because due to what happened and everything like that. >> reporter: the spokesperson told me it's just too early of the impact of these changes, whether it will shorten these hours or slow the trains down. >> i think it would be unfortunate to shorten the hours commuting. >> one educator addressed bart directly. >> most cities, chicago, paris, london, have 24-hour service are. you cannot get service, and claim to be a world class
5:47 pm
system. >> one passenger said if bart has to hire more people to maintain the current level of service, he'd pay higher fares. >> it's more important the ability to use bart and know that it's going to be consistent and on time and in good condition. >> reporter: other riders say bart fares are already high enough and that adding more to them won't necessarily make the system any safer. reporting live, channel 2 news ktvu. there are more traffic concerns now at the new resort and casino in the north bay. the $800 million complex opened a huge crowds on tuesday and now the chp is warning drivers, anticipate heavy traffic this weekend on highway 101. drivers are being encouraged to fight alternate routes to get around the traffic. the problem is that is way easier said than done.
5:48 pm
uc berkeley has a new chancellor. nicholas dirks laid out his plan. >> i will find new ways to address the rich, diversity of our community. >> and we'll have a campaign on skyrocketing tuition costs. and california students are at the back of the class when it comes to reading and math. it shows california's 4th graders rank 47th out of first days in both subjects. eighth graders rank 42nd in reading and 45th in math. the scores also show the achievement gap between white and latino students is wider in
5:49 pm
california than anywhere else. and an asteroid with comic like tails of dust. it first photographed it in september. the left compare to the right taken 13 days later, it looks like it pretty much made a 180-degree flip. it appears to be a fragment of a bigger asteroid that broke off 200 million years ago. all right. let talk about the weather now. the weekend is here and it looks spectacular out there. the weekend's shaping up to be pretty good. >> be nice if we got some rain in here, but those rain chances are dying down a little bit. the satellite, what you're going to see is clouds mainly to the north of us. those clouds on the satellite loop are going to bring further south into the weekend. not enough to bring rain for the weekend. maybe early next week, monday or tuesday. current numbers, you've got 60s out there. it's kind of mild. and boy we had a lot of fog
5:50 pm
around the bay. this evening it's going to be mostly clear. i think the patchy coastal fog the end up and pull back to the coast. of course there's that outside shot. the spectacular evening around the bay. saturday's going to be just a little bit cooler. 62-74 degrees and then here's that slight chance for some showers now, long range model shows a light chance of showers on tuesday. if it goes down, it's not going to be a series of rain events, it will be a little bit of a sprinkle. now those models can change, so we're tracking it for you. this has set us up with a lot of fog and that same footprint of coastal fog. it feels like valley fog, but visibility's on the bridges, similar to what we had today. into the weekend, slightly cooler but not cold. your weekend's going to be nice, a lot like today but maybe a little bit cooler and a few
5:51 pm
clouds drifting in and out. next week those clouds start to thicken up. >> 71 in pittsburgh, 73 in brentwood. this is fluctuations, right? a little cooler today than yesterday. you're still 60s and low 70s. we're splitting hairs basically. the fog will be around the morning hours. you're slow to recover so your numbering get into the upper 60s and around san francisco, san bruno, temperatures in the 60s. and you can see a big deal going on sunday, a football game over at candle stick park and that starts at 1:00. 65, 68 degrees if you're going to the ballpark. both days look good, as a matter of fact. patchy fog, a little more wind on sunday, but i'm splitting hairs. the real changes want to come as we head into your tuesday and wednesday and hopefully this could produce something more than a few light sprinkles. we'll be checking that out for
5:52 pm
you and i'll be back at 6:00. i'm going to roll that long range model right through the weekend. >> all right. we'll see you then. >> acting out, how inmates at san quentin are turning themselves into actors and using their own experiences to do it. >> and the parents of a teen who was set on fire on a bus are speaking out. what they're doing in response. plus caught on camera kicked when already on the ground, the reason no one may be punished even though police showed up. we have these stories and more coming up up in less than ten minutes at 6:00.
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and thrive.
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a garbage truck driver is in serious condition on catalina boulevard and hickey boulevard. a pacifica a woman didn't see the 45-year-old man and hit him. a viewer sent us these pictures. the driver is cooperating. and john martin will meet with the special investigators unit. he left to undergo counseling issues. he said he was bullied by riche incognito, and whether their teammates and the organization mishandled the matter is being
5:56 pm
investigated. and a safety hazard, this is 16-year-old levine with one of the two hawk traps that he built. the traps are meant to safely catch the birds which sometimes collide with planes while seeking pai. >> prey. and the onien will no longer be focusing on a paper brand. it once had print newspapers in san francisco, los angeles and several cities in the west. the final three will shut down in mid-sdem. mid-december. we saw performances like any other at san quentin.
5:57 pm
>> beneath the watch tower, a smart part of san quentin was fueled with performances and actors, a group from marin shakes peer company -- shakespear helped them on four things and the inmates write plays based on their own lives. >> there's a way in which they get to grow and learn about themselves. >> the experience helps the men see themselves as more than prisoners. >> it will take months and months and of studying and
5:58 pm
reading shakespere. a prepare formance warm up backstage. >> then, show time. even in the theatre, prison guards keep a close watch on men who are there because of choices they made in their lives. the men draw on those choices and their circumstances for each performance and say they feel better about themselves through their work. >> i want to learn how to be a better person and a better man. this prison experience teaches you a a lot and you either go to the negative end or you can come out on the other end positive. >> the director says the arts can he'll a person like nothing else and we talked to a few other actor who is took part in today's performance. they'd like to go into acting
5:59 pm
after their release. now at 6:00, a brutal beating caught on cameras. you'll see why it's such a sad sign of street violence that is all too common. and the parents of a teen set on fire speak out for the first time. this is the teen's friends make a show of support. >> and a pack of wild pigs sharing through an east bay neighborhood. the action that homeowners took to stop those pigs. . an unprovoked attack on a homeless man sleeping on the street is drawing new attention to an age old problem. good evening, i'm gasia mikaelian. >> they can also end up as easy targets. ktvu's alex savage explain yes this is shedding new light on violence that is all too common. alex?
6:00 pm
>> reporter: one advocate was horrified when i showed her this video. it's unclear what the motive was, but the victim never saw it coming. he was sleeping right here in this spot on the sidewalk on 3rd street in the south of market when he was attacked by a man passing by. we want to warn you the video you're about to see is disturbing. >> the attacker wearing a light colored shirt and dark shorts comes strolling up the street and snaps. this surveillance video shows him repeatedly stomping on the man's head. he doesn't appear to move after the assault. after kicking him seven times, the attacker walks off calmly. >> today i showed this video to the director of coalition on homeless know in san francisco, she told me it's common for those to be assaulted. >> it's really sickening to see violence against anybody, especially when somebody is already in


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